Nuestra historia

Our history

Colmenar Viejo, is a town of 50,000 inhabitants located in the Sierra de Madrid ... land that saw us born and from which we enjoyed so much of its nature, its fauna and its livestock ... all this influenced our childhood. We are a family with a common love for tradition, the countryside and nature. Enterprising, hard-working people, with a desire to do things correctly, to keep improving, and to take care of every single detail.

Our parents taught us how to make sausages in the traditional way, which they themselves had inherited over several decades. We have thus managed to make natural, handcrafted sausages with a truly authentic taste >> with the flavour of the sausages of yesteryear <<.

Elaboración artesanal en instalaciones


All our sausages are made in our factory in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid).

The meat we use comes from animals whose feeding and breeding are mostly controlled. Thanks to this we have managed to produce sausages that are low in fat, high in protein and low in energy (calories).

Cutting is carried out under the sanitary protocols established in food safety. Our facilities are prepared for this work and in compliance with regulations.The ingredients we use to make chorizo, cecina, fuet or pork loin are 100% natural. No preservatives or additives.

All the processes that we carry out are handmade.

Nuestros embutidos


All Sabores Sierra de Madrid sausages are made with the noble parts of the animals, mainly the leg and hip, which we have carefully selected beforehand, as well as natural casings.

Our products comply with all the health regulations of Spain and the European Union. All of them are gluten-free.

The following varieties are available:

  • DEER: chorizo and salchichón
  • ROE DEER: chorizo
  • WILD BOARD: chorizo and salami
  • VEAL P.G.I. SIERRA DE GUADARRAMA: chorizo, salchichón, fuet and dried meat
  • PORK: chorizo, salchichon, fuet and cured loin.

Investigación y desarrollo


We are committed to food safety and product quality.

In our facilities, exhaustive controls are carried out to reduce and prevent risks, thus guaranteeing optimum practices in the production of sausages and in their marketing.

We promote the consumption of natural and quality sausages

We are in continuous development of all the processes we carry out.

Carne de ternera I.G.P Sierra de Guadarrama


P.G.I. veal from Sierra de Guadarrama guarantees that its cattle are raised in Sierra de Guadarrama and they also comply with the following fundamental points:

  • The cows belong to the following breeds: Charolés - Avileña Negra Ibérica - Limousine or come from crosses between them.
  • Feeding and fattening is done on a cereal basis.
  • They must also meet other requirements in terms of age and weight.

Sabores Sierra de Madrid is the pioneering company in Spain in the production of sausages with this type of certified meat.

In addition, the sausages based on this meat that we have, have obtained the brand M CERTIFIED PRODUCT, by which they are quality products guaranteed by the Community of Madrid. We are very proud of this certification and recognition.